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We acknowledge that thousands of customers suffer from stagnant and unreliable shipping policies online. However, Savers Marketplace re-affirms that fast, reliable and punctual shipment doubles the fun of shopping online. With pre-confirmation by the sellers, Savers Marketplace ensure products are shipped in time with prime shipping options for buyers.

Receive More In Less Time – The Shipping Policies:

  • At Savers Marketplace – vendor handles and are responsible for the shipment of products.
  • At Savers Marketplace - vendors use top courier service that also speed up the delivery.
  • At Savers Marketplace – vendors can change the shipping prices depending on the product.
  • To receive your products on the day of ordering, the “same day delivery” facility is first confirmed by the vendor. However, 0% extra shipping is charged from the buyer.
  • On public holidays, buyers may experience a delay in products delivery which reaches as soon as the 3-4 business days are completed. This is implied on the annual schedule.
  • The courier service communicates directly with buyer to reaffirm the address, product and product quantity before making the delivery. In case of missed delivery, vendors inform buyers about the next delivery attempt with 0% fees charge.
  • To cancel an order, the buyer must inform their vendor within 24 hours of processing.
  • Due to law and order or rough weather conditions, the products are subject to delay. In such conditions, the vendor confirms the delivery turnaround time themselves.
  • The product packaging is solely decided by the vendor and Savers Marketplace holds all dialogues in this case.
  • All vendors onboard, use the best freight service to deliver products in sound quality.
  • Shipment prices may differ in product size and availability with subject to no discount.