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Looking for a selling plan that focuses on product sales and helps generate more revenue? Savers Pakistan – an online marketplace – offers the transparent policies for sellers with a premium selling plan that converts ordinary product lines into nationwide best-selling items. Read how Savers Pakistan’s Selling Plan and Fees mark a route for your success.

Selling Plan (Pricing):

Our “Company Account” selling plan is a pathway to unlimited product uploading in multiple product categories with one-time investment. This selling plan can be used to upload items in Fashion Clothing, Electronics, Home & Kitchen etc. Savers Pakistan charges 10%-15% commission fees from sellers with sales of 10,000 PKR or more. Likewise, Savers Pakistan does not charge anything upon selling below 10,000 PKR monthly.

Selling Plan (Benefits):

  1. Our commission doesn’t start until you start to grow. Our selling plan has no up-front or hidden charges.
  2. With “Company Account” get an unlimited access to product uploading. Sell 10,000 or 50,000, at once.
  3. Get “Fulfilment by Savers Pakistan” by informing us prior to shipping date and paying the extra charges.
  4. With “Company Account” – sellers can customize shipping rates based on the product being shipped.
  5. Want to amp up your brand? Make it renowned by selling products nationwide with all cities included.
  6. Get free “Top Product Placement” upon selling the maximum number of products with positive customer feedback.