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Return and replacements are solely set by the sellers and are comprised of exchange, replacement and refund policies at Savers Pakistan. Be informed that not all products are obliged to having the same return and replacement policies as their nature of being are different. Acknowledge this as the general page for Return and Replacements. However, policies that sellers amend on some products are found on their “Product Page” which customers should explore before adding items into the cart. All return and replacements become applicable for buyers when conditions are met which we mention here for the customers.

1. If the product you receive is twisted, broken and out of order then the seller offers a replacement.

2. If the customer disapproves the product by claiming that it looks different from how it looked at Saver Pakistan then the seller replaces it. However, we do not entertain decisions based on personal privileges.

3. In some cases, if the seller fails to arrange a replacement for your order then a full refund is made.

4. All products qualify for the “7-Days Return and Replacement Policy” regardless of the category.

5. For Laptops, Tablets, Mobile Phones and other tech-based products, the seller will pair up the customers with an authorized service center for functionality issues. For other product issues, Savers Pakistan’s customer support is available 24/7 to provide solutions on the go.

6. All items consisting of in-box accessories should be returned as received to make replacements for them. For example: starter kits, remote controls, manuals, headphones, chargers etc. Other freebies and combos should also be added in the returns to further escalate the case for the replacement or refund depending on the scenario.

7. At the time of return, the original packaging and other product belongings should be returned as received. This condition is implied on all products unless the seller voluntarily neglects it.

8. Once the “7 Days Return and Replacement Policy” is over, Savers Pakistan and its sellers will not entertain return, replacement and refund requests. Better yet, claim it before time.

9. The fabric-based (Clothing, Footwear, Fashion Accessories) products should be returned unwashed, unsoiled, without holes and stretch marks. This is applicable on men and women categories. Depending on the item, the seller makes the final call on returns or replacements.

For any information regarding the product availability, tracking and so on, contact the seller or get in touch with us.