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We acknowledge that the way to upload products on an e-commerce marketplace has its technique when it comes to converting visitors into potential buyers for your products and services. Having this as the vision, we want sellers to follow an effective format of selling products at Savers Pakistan with the high-quality images, precise product descriptions and genuine key-features. This “Product Content Policy” insists upon customer satisfaction in all dimensions.

Naming Products:

Naming a product sounds so simple. However, it is not, even worse is when marketplaces do not work on tiniest details that bring forth bigger results. Here’s how products are named at Savers Pakistan:

  • The product name is confined to its own name and brand name. Do not use your information within it.
  • Do not use special characters.
  • Do not add “Retailer’s Information” in the product name or “Shipping Information” to prolong it.
  • Do not add “Product Attributes” in the product name.
  • Do not add exaggerated exclamations such as “Best-Selling”, “Top-Selling” and “Discounted” in the product name.

Adding Product Description:

While uploading product information, the production descriptions are highly looked at by the potential customers and need to be mentioned correctly. Use the following tips to add product descriptions here:

  • Do not add special characters.
  • Do not add sales slogans or marketing exaggerations in your product description.
  • Do not add what is not confirmed about the product.
  • Write your product descriptions with understandable metaphors for a perfect reader’s grasp.

Uploading Product Images:

The “Image Quality Standards” has become extra important to sell products on any given marketplace. While dealing with multiple products, we fail to manage the image quality standards that affect sales and delivers a series of bad impressions. Learn to capture your audience this way:

  • Do not use dimly lit or casual product images
  • Use professionally edited images (Studio Quality)
  • Do not display accessories that are not included in the product.
  • Do not use obscene or offensive images.
  • Use white background for the product images.
  • Use images that display the products with sufficient zoom, sharpness and on-screen setting.
  • Do not use Watermarks on the images.