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Decide – What To Sell?

First thing first! Decide what is there to list, sell and proceed to become a registered seller at Savers Pakistan. Acquire multiple perks and use our essential marketplace tools to micro-manage a range of product lines. What will you sell here? With sellers using a regular plan, 20 categories are on board whereas on the professional plan, 10 more categories can be availed by sellers.

Not sure which product category is specifically for your product line? Explore “Product Categories” here.

Select Your Selling Plan:

Finalized your products? Hop on to selecting a selling plan for your products to begin selling them at Savers Pakistan. Choose from the Basic Plan and Starter Package with details mentioned below:

Basic Plan For The Sellers:

This basic plan for vendors is beneficial from the marketplace’s perspective. This plan costs 10,000 PKR with unlimited revenue generation and capacity of listing as much as 50,000 products on individual terms. As Savers Pakistan is is in for rewarding the vendors, no transaction fee will be charged.

Register To Sell Your Products:

The registration process is simple, short and precise. After completing the rounds of registration, start selling your products here with guaranteed sales and nationwide brand recognition.

What To Do After Registration?

Savers Pakistan ensures the journey of selling products online for vendors is completely convenient. Therefore, after registering, the vendors should focus on listing, selling, shipping and receiving the payments. Follow these 4 simple steps to start selling products with us.

1. List Your Products:

With time-saving and easy-to-use tools, vendors can list their premium products at Savers Pakistan. Sellers can add one product at a time or use our industry-standard tools to upload items in bulk quantity to get a perfect product lay out. Evaluate the number of products you will sell, the condition of the items and shipping solutions. Choose from listing products that are already at Savers Pakistan and list your unavailable products with SKU, UPC and product attributes (Product Description) to complete the process.

2. Sell Your Products:

Selling products at Savers Pakistan is based on transparent policies with vendors agreeing to uploading the high-quality product images for maximum customer satisfaction. Build a product layout that re-direct customers toward a hassle-free purchasing. While making product offers, use accurate, complete and updated information.

3. Manage The Shipping:

Savers Pakistan enables vendors to manage the product shipping by themselves. The vendor panel shows new orders, shipping information and cancellation of the orders respectively.

4. Receive Payments:

Receiving payments is solely in the hands of sellers at Savers Pakistan. Once the payment is made, the seller pays us the mentioned commission whilst receiving the payments firsthand.