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by Farrukh Khan

Honoring The History: Buy Pakistan Day Merchandise Online At Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
In retrospect, Pakistan has a rich history of paving its way into the world existence with thousands of angelic lives making well worth sacrifices. Pakistan Day marks the passing of Lahore Constitution which brought glad tidings for the country in 1940. This day also re-affirms the existence of Pakistan as the first Islamic Republic in the world, receiving total...

Cricket Comes Home – Buy PSL Sports Jerseys & Team Merchandise at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
Pakistan is the country of hardcore cricket enthusiasts who remain in the wake of new tournaments. After the revival of international cricket in Pakistan, the country has been hosting one of world’s most commercially hit premier leagues which is Pakistan Super League (PSL). Started in 2016 with a grandiose inaugural, Pakistan Super League features some of the most...

Valentine's Day: Win Him & Her Over With Online Romantic Gifts

by: Hasnain Raza
In all cultures – a gift is a pathway to embracing the bliss as it dissolve boundaries and bring two people closer with a warm and glaring energy. Likewise, gifting an out-of-the-world item is worth the time and research, especially when it comes to a love-buzzing event like Valentine’s. It is a day of coupling up, uncovering the long-term love confessions and...

Entrancing Imagery: Get 4 Best Photography Accessories at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
It is reckoned that passion is an unstoppable phenomenon and those who fume their desires with this inner drive turn out to be out right winners in every league. After the advent of internet, which turned all rudiment technology into high-end professions, we have been given some major choices to expand our professional careers in with photography transcending from a...

The 2 Must-Have Winter Looks For Men & Women at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
The year 2018 has mildly changed the fashion landscape with glimpses from the latter year to be seen in men & women wardrobe. Be it floaty frocks or designer ankle boots, fashion in 2018 is unwinding with distinctive colors and apparels. While some state that winter in 2018 is about bright colors & wrapped-around coats, we think it is about ample warmth and twice...

Stylistically Warm: Get The Best-Selling Hoodies For A Winter Wardrobe

by: Hasnain Raza
Before hoodies, it was a shopping enigma to associate our wardrobe with staples that made us warm in winters without compromising on the styles. Now – it is easier and one global practice is snuggling into a loose and stylish hoodie with a pair of comfy sweatpants. This is today’s winter recipe and with hundreds of fashion spin offs for men and women, this typical...

5 Ways To Incorporate Luxury In Your Ordinary Outfits

by: Hasnain Raza
According to renowned stylists, locally or internationally, sprucing up the wardrobe takes the right choices and knowing what’s in without ending up on a dull fashion scale. It is just a half-baked idea that only expensive outfits or top of the line fashion accessories give us a leg up on our looks. In the nutshell, most stylists state that our ticket to a...

The Best Winter Beauty Hacks Your Skin Needs

by: Hasnain Raza
Winter is a special seasonal transition that affects you in a thousand-fold. It is the completion of the seasonal cycle with winter being the last rung of the ladder. While it doubles the fun of cherishing with our usual chores such as munching on food, opting the winter fashion wear and entering the no-sweat-on-the-face days, the winter season calls in for...

​Why Online Shopping Beats Traditional Shopping in Pakistan?

by: Hasnain Raza
The online shopping trend is booming in Pakistan with great pricing, free delivery and other benefits for online customers. The idea of online shopping gathered on the horizon on the completion of e-commerce in 1991. This paradigm shift made it possible to switch from confined stores to worldwide purchases and was warm-welcomed here by online retail stores offering...