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by Farrukh Khan

Father's Day: Shop The Discounted Men's Products Online

by: Hasnain Raza
There are numerous occasions that demand our attention to open up a source of gratitude for a person that stands out in our lives. For example, mother’s day offers a celebration for all moms and their pursuit of happiness in the form of nurturing their children. Likewise, Father’s Day holds a pragmatic importance on the worldwide canvas. It speaks volumes about how our...

5 Super Products To Buy During The Quarantine

by: Faiz Karim
Quarantine has become a pathway to finding and building an exemplary work-life balance. It's a time when people are working, running home errands and taking maximum opportunity to follow a normalized life pattern. Although the nationwide lock down is causing an unimaginable level of social disturbance, we're still glued up together as a family. On the other hand,...

The Best Safety Prevention To Tackle The Corona Virus

by: Faiz Karim
It has become a part of everyone’s reality that the COVID-19 has been officially named a pandemic. It means that this infection has marked a worldwide prevalence with more than 180+ countries involved. According to the stats, recovery from the Corona Virus is significantly high and patients can cherish a normal life once health restores. However, the COVID-19 is still...

Eid-ul-Azha: Get Discounted BBQ Grills & Eid Essentials at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
Eid-ul-azha is one of the widely celebrated festivals in the muslim religion with potential to create a family bonding filled with memorable moments and scrumptious foods. There are numerous events that happen along with the holy animal sacrifice that include: dinners and lunches with BBQ grilling happening at every roof which lasts months. Despite the event being tiring...

Summer Essentials: Get Discounted Home Appliances at Savers PK

by: Hasnain Raza
The interpretation of the climate is more notable and probable than the years that have passed. Since global warming is real and the world is on the verge to slip into the fury of the hot summer days, it’s essential to look over to your summer essentials and make your lifestyle a source of well worth living before it starts to daunt us on a daily basis. In...

Eid Special: Buy Festive Clothing For Men & Women at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
Every religion or heritage turn to their biggest and the most celebrated annual event: for muslims, the manifestation of spirituality, happiness and unity begins and ends on EID. This day has its own significance with muslims surfacing its anticipation a day before the festival. It marks the triumphant completion of Ramadan which enfolds a month’s fasting to grapple...

5 Mother's Day Gifts To Express Your Love & Delight To Your Mother

by: Hasnain Raza
Words, occasions and days are inadequate and meaningless when it comes to paying homage to your mother and her household marvels. A mother bears the labor of pregnancy, piece us together in the wavering times and offers her sheer warmth, love and affection regardless of how much we love her. It’s her angelic nature, a calm demeanor and all-out sense of care that makes her...

5 Popular Fashion Accessories To Style Up Your Wardrobe

by: Hasnain Raza
Fashion remains at the forefront of opting new styles and mixing them with your taste and persona. It’s a blend of preferences and existing vogue. It is also a touch of confidence, because the body language states that we understand our style statements at the time of carrying them publicly. But, is it just about our outfits or can fashion accessories make or break our...

Gamer's Den: Buy Exclusive Gaming Accessories at Savers

by: Hasnain Raza
There is no age to gaming ever since our consoles and computers have received traction by big game designers. Over the course, gaming has entered a new domain of real-life graphics, interesting screenplays and characters that create sheer remembrance. Be it FortNight, Need For Speed, FIFA or Call of Duty, the esports is escalating with popularity with young and mature...

Summer Fads: Buy Fresh Corporate & Casual Summer Wardrobe Online

by: Hasnain Raza
Summer has its own flavor to our wardrobe with loose tanks, tee-shirts, shorts and flip-flops rocking our choices. As we line up against the summers of 2019, it’s a core responsibility for high-fashioned shoppers to start catching the sizzling trends which will add new colors and designs to their wardrobe. It’s time for fresh corporate & casual summer wardrobe...